Carl R. Sword - Psychoanalyst
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Treatment Approach

As an Existentialist, my therapeutic approach is to be non-judgmental and to deal with the present, the here and now. My approach is focused and conscious-solution oriented.

The goal of Existential therapy is to work with a client to achieve a level of consciousness based on reality. This requires working on our unconscious areas of fantasies and images and to examine them in a conscious manner.

Each person approaching therapy has his/her own idea of what she/he is seeking or trying to overcome. Each person has their own story or history of why they are seeking therapeutic help. They have formed their own vocabulary to describe and understand their subjective life situation. They have created images — such as victim, superior, sexual, racial — with which to explain their experiences.

A client’s choices are often unclear to them as they struggle with their life conflicts of anger or anxiety or feelings of alienation, emptiness and inauthenticity. This is frequently expressed as “I just don’t know who I am or where I’m going in life.”

My approach is to help clients explore these life situations, their stories and their dreams and to help them create their own understandings by providing a non-judgmental attitude and safe place for them to do this. A client is seen subjectively and not as an object. This approach is to help empower the individual to make conscious choices and decisions about their life and to be responsible for these choices. They discover their freedom to create and to choose.

The ability to make authentic choices empowers individuals to be able to create their own meaning and purpose and participate consciously in creating their identity.

Life is about choosing to Be .... to become a whole and authentic Being.